Decorative Lighting


RGB Addressable LEDs add color variation to almost any application especially architectural lighting designs. Changing colors is popular way to attract people’s attention. Available in PLCC-6 5050 & PLCC-4 5050, 3528, 4020 (side emitting) and EMC 2020 package sizes and in a variety of strip and rope lights.


IP-rated rope light and strip lights are ideal for outdoor applications. Offered in IP65 and IP68, each light strip is available in various lengths and colors and can be customized to your specific requirements. DC and AC modules are available for your outdoor lighting designs.


Using LEDs to illuminate the home has surged. LEDs are used in lighting fixtures, scones, under cabinet, mirrors and numerous other products. LEDs, flexible light strips and rope lights, DC and AC modules are only a few of the products available to help you create a one of a kind design for the home.


Color variation is made is easy with our Smart LED+IC LED which is a controller and RGB chip in one package that allows each LED to be addressed individually. Our options range from components to complete assemblies. Our Portfolio includes PLCC-6 5050 & PLCC-4 5050, 3528, 4020 (side emitting) and EMC 2020 package sizes and a variety of IP-rated strip and rope lights.


Tunable LEDs are the perfect choice to create the perfect ambience. Color tuning can be used in fixtures to illuminate different hues and temperatures, and are ideal for restaurants, retail stores, office building and the home. Our product offering includes tunable LEDs, DC and AC modules, rope and strip lights and our NEW COB light strips.


Our standard DC and AC modules are great for indoor designs. Our AC modules pack high efficiency lighting power into a compact size which offers uniformity and configurability in an all solid state, dimmable package. Standard DC modules are available or our engineers can assist you with a customized solution to fit your unique requirements.


American Bright can help create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere using LED lighting with our dimmable AC modules, tunable LEDs or high quality flexible light strips and rope lights. Deliver energy efficient, mood-enhancing lighting scenes in hotel lobbies, restaurants and rooms.