Infrared Products

Our complete line of advanced through-hole and SMT infrared devices are suitable for both digital and analog control systems. Product selection includes discrete IR emitters, photo-transistors, photo-diodes, receiver modules, photo couplers, and a broad range of photo interrupters.

Specifically designed for security lighting controls, our ambient light sensors (ALS) spectral response replicates the function very close to that of the human eye. Our infrared receiver modules provide good output linearity across pre-designed illumination range, low sensitivity across various light sources and are available in voltages of 2.5 V to 5.5 V.

Our IR product offering is not limited to merely standard devices; with our global engineering expertise we are well-equipped to help define the right product for your designs, including custom design LEDs for IR Reflow as well as light grids.


  • Through-hole and SMT
  • Discrete IR or full modules
  • Wide range of peak wavelengths
  • Lead free processing
  • Special pin lengths, pins, sizes and customized design available


  • Sensing: smoke detectors, garage doors, control sensors
  • Automation equipment
  • Security lighting control
  • Protection devices
  • Office equipment: multifunction copier scanners, laser printers
  • Medical: CCT imaging, instrumentation.